God’s Favorite Color

What is God’s favorite color?

Is it black, because there is so much of it in outer space?

Is it blue, because of the ocean and the sky?

Ocean and Sky

It seems that it would be since the earth is covered by about 70% of water and it is surrounded by the sky.

Or is it brown, because of all the brown dirt?

Maybe it is green since there is so much grass and vegetation covering the dirt.

Green Leaf

Or is it red, because this is the color of His Son’s blood that was shed for us.

Humming a Sweet Tune

Purple-throated Hummingbird

Object: Hummingbird

Last summer I enjoyed the presence of these little winged creatures at my window feeder.  And although I have my feeder out once again this summer, my little friends have not returned.  Perhaps it was the real flowers that lured them to my feeder last time.

Hummingbirds are fascinating birds that can hover in the air while feeding.  They are also able to fly backwards and sideways.  They are the only birds that can fly backwards.

They are the smallest bird, but they have the largest brain of all the birds based on body size.

How to Live Forever on The 4th of July




Pyrodex - Gunpowder Substitute

Pyrodex - Gunpowder Substitute




Object: Gunpowder

People all over the world are trying to live forever.

We take vitamins.  We put lotions on our faces.  We exercise and try to stay fit.  We all try to live longer.

This is not something new that people have desired for the last 100 years; since ancient times people have tried to come up with ways to be immortal.

The Chinese alchemist back in the 9th century were mixing things trying to come up with an elixir of immortality.  A concoction that you could drink and live forever.

Salt In A Bland World

Salt CrystalsObject: Salt

Salt is a very common mineral that has been known to man since ancient times.  Salt has been so popular, that even Roman soldiers were paid with it.

Salt is one of those minerals that is needed for life, but too much salt is harmful to the human body.

Salt is mainly sodium chloride, which is represented by the formula NaCl.  Sodium by its self is a metallic element that is highly reactive; so much so that even a little piece thrown into water will cause an explosion.  Just imagine all the sodium that is in the ocean and our very own bodies.  The presence of the chloride keeps it stable.

Cover A Mistake With A Snow Flake

Snow crystal 1

Snow crystal 2

Snow crystal 3

Object: Snowflake

Although snowflakes look alike, they are all different.  Each snowflake has a different size or a different geometrical shape, giving each flake its own “fingerprint”.

The word snowflake is actually a more general name for a snow crystal or more than one snow crystal stuck together.  Above you can see how much a snow crystal can vary in shape.

Snowflakes are not frozen drops of rain; they are created from water vapor that condenses directly into ice while it is still in the clouds.

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